Really great site with charts and things to keep records of your treatment

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Being of a private sort of mind, I would suggest printing it out and keeping your records not on the internet.


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    Another resource to help manage information
    When I was diagnosed with cancer the nurse recommended that I contact the American Cancer Society. I called the number in my area. They sent me a "Personal Health Manager" packet. Inside the packet were folders labeled : appointments and questions to ask, test results, medications, insurance and bills, resources and support, my cancer treatment, and one other folder for miscellaneous. I have found this to be very helpful throughout my course of treatment. I can keep all the information in one area and find it very easily. I take the packet with me to my appointments and I have the information I need. This packet is especially helpful when you experience "chemo brain" and want to verify information.

    The American Cancer Society also sponsors the "Look Good , Feel Good" free program. This program gives make up tips and how to deal with hair loss. You also get free make-up for your type of skin for attending. I enjoyed the program very much.

    They also provide free wigs and hats. They also have many brochures available to answer questions you may have regarding chemo, radiation, tips on eating, info for caregivers and much more information.

    The number for the American Cancer Society is 1-800-227-2345. web site:

    Hope someone finds this information helpful. In peace and caring.