Need your input with regards of a Thymoma patient

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Hi folks,

I hope to get some opinions from people in this froum.

If something is not clear please ask. As a non native speaker, medical terms are not prety easy to translate or me.

Diagnosis for a 23 year old girl friend:

Thymoma carcinoma (CT and MRT are done - nothing else)

As today aorta is compressed to 1/3. Patient reported pain within the lymph nodes, strong vertigo attacks from time to time.
Chromic Polyarthritis because of salmonella infection as child.

Sorry, I know that are not much information!

Attending doctor does not see any need to act immediately and scheduled next MRT for February/March.

I have very strong concers about waiting for 3 month without doing anything. As she lives on a differen continent my options are more then limited - otherwise I had recommend her Indianpolis Cancer Center which is specialized in Thymoma.

Thank you folks.