Telling the Kids

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I was diagnosed back in early November. We have a 16 year old and a 19 year old who is in his freshmen year at college. We decided to wait until his first ever college exams were over and he came home. We told them this past week. Much to my surprise the conversation went very well. I got some really good advice from Nick, Randy, and Sonny on these boards as well as a friend of mine who recently had to tell her kids she had cancer. My advice for anyone who is in the same situation is:

1). Stay calm during the conversation, the calmer you are, the better.
2). Don't start off by saying you have prostate cancer. I told the kids that I had to go in for surgery, would be in the hospital for about 2 days, then be home for a time period before I could go back to work. Then I went through how they found my problem, and how early they found it, prognosis, PSA level, biopsy results, the fact that it is very treatable, etc.

The kids had some questions which I answered.

So thanks to the guys here for the help and support. I hope that the above helps anyone who needs to talk to their kids, and I would be happy to provide any additonal help/info I can.

Gearing up for the surgery on January 21st. Getting myself mentally and physically (losing some weight on purpose) prepared.