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I received my beautiful dancing (with Ned) girl with long blond hair and a red dress with black dancing shoes. I also got one of those little boxes that are great for Christmas hard candies, but only if I leave them somewhere out of my sight!

I was going to fill up the little box and send it back, but then reality hit me. Picture me running after the mailman: "Excuse me, oh excuse Mr. Postman, um. . . er. . . I think I put a smallish square box into the outgoing mail by accident . . um . I need those for my recovery. . . . . lol!

So, Pat, I hope you like your dancing shoes and your Dream Catcher, sorry you didn't get any candy, but believe me, my 2 & 3/4 year old granddaughter and I are enjoying them for all of us.

Ciao, Lisa


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    Your blonde girl dancing
    Your blonde girl dancing with NED sounds absolutely delightful! I laughed imagining you chasing after the mail carrier !! Somehow I don't think he would have understood....

    Happy Holidays!!!