Newly diagnosed - Hysteroctomy 12/29 - Grade 3

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Hi. I am 63 and just found out I have uterine cancer - Grade 3 but won't know my Stage until after the hysteroctomy. I'm terrified - I have a Mom with Alzheimers & a 90 yr old dad still living. I'm needed as caregiver - I've never been sick with anything before. Now this...YIKES, I'm reading & that scares me. I'm listening and hear terrible stories of radiation & chemo etc. Side effects & the devestation on ones life.

Anybody got good news? THanks.


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    WIWoman thinking of you
    Good luck with your surgery. I can understand you being terrified. You have a lot of responsibilities with your parents. I hope someone can step in to help you while you are in the hospital. I hope your Stage is 1. You will remain in my prayers. Listen to the positive and not the terrible stories you have heard. In peace and caring.
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    I'm sorry for your diagnosis. You have a lot of responsibilities. Are there other family members who can take some of the load while you are getting healthy again?

    Some stories are tougher than others, when I first came here a few weeks ago I had a hard time reading them. Mine was grade 2 at diagnosis on Oct. 13th. I had my hysterectomy Nov. 17th. Everything was confined to the uterus with no pathologies in the lymph nodes, ovaries, cervix, vagina or peritoneal wash. I am recuperating and have chosen not to have preventative radiation. My aftercare will be to have exams every 3 months for the first 2 years, 6 months for the following 3 and yearly after 5. I tell everyone I plan to be here long enough to be a pain to my kid's kids.

    Once I had the diagnosis and was preparing for surgery, I did a lot of meditation to keep me calm. Other than a little basic reading I did not search the net much until after my surgery looking for women who had a similar scenario to learn how and why they chose what ever after surgery option was needed for them.

    It's hard when you are so overwhelmed with "what the heck am I going to do now?", but do your best to keep your thoughts positive, eat healthy, walk or do yoga (which is really good for calming the nerves)and get enough rest at night. You want your body as healthy as possible for your recovery period.

    Once you've had your surgery and the cancer has been staged you will talk with your Dr. Make a list of questions. Keep talking until he answers them all. Get a second opinion, you want to be as well armed as possible to be a partner in your recovery.

    There are some amazing women on this site...fantastic support and many who do tons of research that they share with all of us.

    I wish you a positive outcome with your surgery.
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    Good News
    My doctor told me that Uterine cancer can be the best kind to get. Basically she said that because the uterus can contain the cancer. My cancer was staged at 1B and since my hysterectomy I have been cancer free since and that was August 2005. I hope that is a little bit of good news for you. A few tips, get up and walk as soon as you can after your surgery and don't overdo it. You will heal much faster. I went back to school on day 10 after my surgery. (yeah, I was still a bit loopy but able to teach and no one could tell but other teachers who knew me)
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    I'll be praying for you...
    I will pray for you on the 29th as I am asking help for myself the same day. I'm having abdominal hysterectomy with removal of omentum and lymph nodes on the 29th aslo.
  • I'll be praying for you...
    I will pray for you on the 29th as I am asking help for myself the same day. I'm having abdominal hysterectomy with removal of omentum and lymph nodes on the 29th aslo.

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    Hang in There
    I was disagnosed with Grade 3 Uterine Cancer in July. Since I am 71, I thought, well, this is it. However, my cancer was contained in my uterus--Stage 1b--the b because it had gone 1-1//2mm. into the muscle. The wash and the 38 lymph nodes the surgeon took out were clear, as was the CT scan. So, WIWoman, I couldn't have asked for much better news. The oncologist said I would have 3 or 4 sessions of Carbo/Taxol as a preventative. I stopped after three because I was developing neuropathy. So, WIWoman, keep thinking positive thoughts. It doesn't have to be horrible.