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After Radiation treatment how long for taste to come back


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    Taste and Radiation
    It took about 3 months for any taste to return after my radiation treatments (of sinus and right neck lymphs) then it was really muted. Little by litle I have gotten most of it back. Id say I am at 90% - 14 months post last treatment. I cannot tolerate carbonated beverage, spicy food, and sadly...wine. Alcoholic beverages tend to burn a little. All though I havent tried a good glass of wine in months. I may try another glass for the holidays.
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    Hi CVS
    The answer to your question depends on the individual and how much Radiation and Chemo and the type Chemo that you took. I read some post here on CSN that the person got there taste back in as little as a month and half, while other like Kent took as long a 5 months. The normal time is anywhere between 3 and 6 months and could be up to a year. Don’t sweat it to much because it will come back as your body begins to heals

    Anyway welcome to CSN, this is a great place to get and give advice.
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    the return
    Took about 5 months, after the last rad, for me. Came back gradual, with experimenting. Oddly, at the Company golf outing I had a Brat and put relish and mustard on it- and the danged thing tasted great. That's when my taste problem turned around for me. Salads, which are fresh produce and good for you, are cool if you can get into- because you can customize it with the dressing that suits you best (French, for me). There is still a little burning, but one can get used to it without meds. Salt and garlic are- better to do without for awhile.

    I had been told it might be years, and that wasn't the case. Have regained all my weight back, too. Of note- Nasopharyngeal, with chemo and rad that resulted in my mouth becoming a trainwreck- including weeks with scalding of the tongue. The body does recover well.