8 days post op divinci

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good luck to you all and gods speed in your recovery. I blogged here back in September, but haven't for a while now. I'm 8 days post op Davinci surgery and things are going alright for now, i think i had more pain associated with the dang abdomen drain and coughing to lower the chance of pneumonia then just about anything else so far. I've been attended by my wife/guardian Angel so things could have been so much worse. i pray that you all have very little problems with your recovery's and of course your surgeries (if that's your path) go off without a single hitch.

if anyone would like more information about my experience please write and i'll share what i know and have been through. speaking of which i do have a question has anyone used any kind of cream of salve on the tip of your penis it seems to dry up and become uncomfortable and i would like to know what you guys may have used.



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    People have reported using a variety; surgical lube, K-Y and antibiotic ointment. My surgeon prescribed bacitracin. I applied it several times a day and learned quickly to apply it a little way down the tube also, your penis does travel back and forth.

    I hope this hasn't been too delayed to be of some use.

    Good luck, it does get better.

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    Rick - Antibiotic (like neosporin) is the way to go. I think they advise against petroleum jel because that damages the rubber catheter.

    Also, I always wore very loose pants (Flannel PJs) & no underwear to keep from bending the catheter at a sharp angle. That thing needs lots of space.