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Hello Friends,

I hope that I haven't overstepped any boundaries by posting on this site. Your "Kitten0385" (Cathy) was a very dear friend to me as she was to a lot of you on this board. I worked in Cathy's classroom with her and was blessed enough to have seen her way with children first hand and am so very priviledged to call her my friend.

I'm posting today because we had t-shirts designed and many of Cathy's friends and family got them to wear in her honor at the benefit & celebration of her life that we recently held. They are designed after the tatoo Cathy got after she was told that she was in remission. They are teal (for the esophageal cancer ribbon) and have a sea turtle on them (symbolizing long life).We sold the shirts for $10 each and 50% of the sales went to Cathy & her family. It occurred to me that some of you may be interested in having one. If you are, please email me directly at We will work out shipping,sizing,etc. I'm sure Cathy would want us to be sure we included all of her friends, not just the ones we know. I have posted a picture of the shirt as my image. If you would like to see it more clearly, just send me an email.

Unfortunately, Cathy didn't get to see the shirts in full force while she was here with us, but I can't help but feel a little closer to her when I wear it. And when we are all together wearing them, I think the sea of teal shirts is probably visible from her seat in Heaven!

Thanks for offering Cathy a support that none of us could. As much as we love her, we couldn't give her what those of you on this board did because you've been there. Heaven gained the light we lost, please know that she is shining down on you as you continue your battles.

My best wishes to you all


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    First let me say THANK YOU for thinking of us, Jeff and I would love to have one, Jeff and I was very close to Cathy, even though we had not ever met her she was in our hearts and life, you see when Jeff was diagnosed in April, I had nobody to turn to and I signed on this site, and it just so happened she was in the chat room that night and welcomed me with open arms then we started chatting back and forth on our e-mails and etc, She guided Jeff through surgery and what to expect, during and after, he became very close to her, she was someone I could always count on to talk to and OH how I miss talking to her. Jeff really thought alot of her, and so did I, when Cathy was going through her trials and tribulations, she always said it was just a BUMP in the road, and things would get better she never gave up and she was a fighter. I can only imagine all the lives she touched in Iowa. I know there is probably many more on this site that will respond also for one, luckly Jeff is in remission after having surgery in July, but we proudly wear anything for cancer. THis disease is just horrible and to take one of our loved ones at such a young age.

    Please know we care too

    Lori aka Moe