My Ornament Arrived Saturday!--THANK YOU, VONN!

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My ornament arrived Saturday, and I love it! Especially because it isn't just a Christmas ornament--it's a keep-it-out-the-year-round, BEAUTIFUL, Celtic-style cross with a pink ribbon in the center. Vonn made a perfect choice for me!

The cross is now hanging on my dining room wall where I'll see it every morning as I eat breakfast. This is a truly meaningful and special gift--thank you so very much, Vonn!

Love, Sandy


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    It sounds just lovely

    It sounds just lovely and isn't it nice that you will be able to enjoy it all year. I plan on putting mine on a shelf and keeping it out year long as well. This has been so much fun. I love hearing that an ornament arrived and what it was and who sent it. Chen is the best for doing this. Maybe she will set us up to do a valentine exchange.