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I am going to see the surgeon this afternoon and I would like some suggestions on what questions should I ask? I have a few in mind but it would be helpful to get some thoughts from those of you that have been there. I was diagnosed on Fri from path report that I have insiti ductal carcinoma.Nuclear grade 2,estimated size of 5 millimeters,receptors are still pending.Thanks for your help. I am scared out of my mind right now and I am making a list of questions to ask.


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    Terri: Go to the Susan B.
    Terri: Go to the Susan B. Komen site, find the site map at the bottom of the page. Scroll down the site map to Resources. Under Resources you will find pdf's that you can print for Questions to Ask.... your doctor, surgeon, oncologist etc. The pdf is formatted so that after each question there is a space to write the information you need. Here's the link to the pdf for questions to ask your surgeon before surgery:

    Remember to take good deep breaths during your appointment! Hope this info helps.

    xoxoxoxo Lynn
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    here is a link, it is safe
    In caseyou are concerned with me posting a link you can just googel Questions to ask your oncologist, there are lots of matches
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    You've received some good replies, Terri
    Definitely print out and take a list of the questions on the Komen site. If you have any questions about the questions, come here and ask us. Sometimes even the questions can be confusing!

    Just wanted to give you some encouragement on your path report: it sounds like you have 5 mm of DCIS, grade 2? While having cancer isn't a ball, those stats look pretty good, Terri. You will be OK. Hang in there.

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    I know this is too late,
    I know this is too late, but....
    I hope you took someone with you. I am a smart woman. I had read a lot before seeing the surgeon. I took notes. And yet, after the first consultation, my husband remembered things she (the surgeon) said that I had no knowledge about. Either I 'checked out' mentally after the last thing she said, while she went on to a new topic, or my anxiety level (waaaaay high judging by my heart rate and blood pressure!!) just caused my brain to do something odd when it came to retrieving those 'memories' from the office visit! Take someone with you, or take a tape recorder, to EVERY appointment! That's my advice.