getting Avastin now

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HI have been fighting the insurance company for about a month in getting Avastin with Folfox. It went to appeal and my onc contacted them but it was still denied. Then I went to They are the CA state governing body for Blue Cross. I put in an expedited appeal and with in one day they over ruled Blue Cross and I'll be getting it tomorrow. Not all insurance companies are governed by the Department of Managed HealthCare but Blue Cross is. I'm sure each state has a similar governing body to help with the patient and their insurance. So until I can find a good md that practices Eastern med, I'll stick with the Western stuff. Anyone know of a good Eastern Med dr in northern Ca?



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    Eastern Medicine
    It's as difficult to locate a qualified doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
    as it is to find any kind of decent doctor, but things are improving with
    more and more people turning to a three thousand year old science for
    their health concerns.

    For the Northern California area, try a Google:
    Northern California "traditional Chinese medicine"

    There are quite a few listed. This one caught my interest:
    Asia Society Northern California

    They might be able to steer you in the right direction!

    Good Health!