Radiation to liver

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In Sept. I had a liver met removed, but because of the location of the tumor, there was a small area where the surgeon couldn't get a clean margin. I have gotten an opinion from MD Anderson that they could do radiation to that area. Has anyone out there had radiation to the liver? How bad are the side effects?


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    CyberKnife to Liver
    CyberKnife would be the recommended approach for radiation to the liver - it is highly concentrated and highly precise - this requires "markers" to be placed in and around the
    tumor in the liver first - through laprascopic or full open procedure.

    An MRI or CT will probably need to be done - the surgeon and radiation oncologist would
    consult and diagram the course of action - X's and O's if you will, so these coordinates and
    path of distribution would be programmed into the CyberKnife computer.

    Then, you wear a special vest with "hook ups" that get connected to the machine - what this
    does is to compensate for your breathing while keeping the treatment continuing so the
    radiation stays on course and does not deviate to other organs - it stays where it was
    programmed and when you breathe in and out, it automatically makes the adjustment for you.

    Treatmnents are usually 2 hours a piece - and can be between 3-5 total treatments.

    It worked well for me and cleaned up a huge tumor I had locally - systemic chemo followed.

    Hope this helps.