Is anyone familiar with the Cellsearch Circulating Tumor Cells test?

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I guess I'm at the stage where I'm questioning everything. This time last year I didn't take the possibility of getting cancer at all seriously, and never had a coloncopy. Waited until I was 67 for that and then I got the bad news. Now I take everything about colon canser very seriously. My doctor thinks the Cellsearch Circulating Tumor Cells test is a great test, and I had it and scored 0 cells, thank god, but I wonder how effective this test is since they only take a small sample of blood. Perhaps there aren't cancer cells in that sample, but what about the rest of the blood and body? Is this test really that effective? Has any of you had it and what were the results, if I may ask? Thanks in advance for any information. This group is wonderful!!!


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    More info please?
    What stage were you and have you completed all treatment? If so, what was the treatment?

    In any case, IMHO, you should have another colonoscopy, or at least a CT scan, the year following completion of any treatment, regardless of the results of the Cellsearch Test.

    Sounds like you are not very confident in the blood test?
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    always wondered about it
    I've always wondered about getting the CTC (circulating tumor cells) test in addition to the CEA that I already get monthly. I think I'll bring it up to my onc. next appt. It seems like I remember reading that the CTC works better with some other cancers, but I'm not sure about that. Do you also get your CEA tested? It's not accurate for everyone, but once it proves to be a reliable marker for you, it stays that way (or at least that's what my onc told me). CEA has been reliable for me, so we always check it carefully.