Anyone experence pain to this extent??

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Nearly half of patients have chronic pain, researchers find..Even three years after finishing treatment for breast cancer, almost 50 percent of women report long-term pain, a new Danish study finds.


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    I do.
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    tasha_111 said:

    I do.

    Me to
    I was in extreem pain after chemo, it was in both legs, the pain was so bad I had to go to the emergency room twice. Finaly my doctor recommended me to a pain doctor. I swear she saved my life. After getting pain medication she sent me to a nurologist, because not only did i have pain but I lost all strength in my legs, couldn't get up without help, fell constantly. Well what he said was the chemo destroyed nerve endings, which causes bad pain, he said it happens to about 1 out of a hundred. He said nerve damage is a slow healing process, and in my case I am looking at about two years of recovery. And then we wont' know how much will return. I am finding that the stronger I get the pain is lessening. I am wondering if the women who experience pain is because of nerve damage.
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    I still experience a lot of
    I still experience a lot of pain (shoulders, left arm and across chest). My joints are stiff and achy from Arimidex. Most of the time it is not awful...but to be truthful and share, I am in pain daily.