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Hi everyone,

I am new to the board. My husband had stage 4 ec. Had the chemo and surgery.
He is 7 months post op and had a clean scan last week. For several months he has not been himself. Has no interest in anything, eats only a fraction of what he should be.
He is in no pain and has no problem eating if so inclined. He is a very stubborn man. The family cannot make any headway with him. I know he requires more sleep now, however i wonder if he should be seeing someone professionally. He appears to be depressed. He is weak from the weight loss (68 pounds) and is now starting PT. he has bad mood swings. He gets very angry at us when we try to encourage him to eat or go out, even for a walk. My son and I are exhausted, it has a long 14 months.

I live on Long Island,Ny. Can anyone recommend a psychiatrist.



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    Have you considered
    asking your oncologist for someone who handles the counseling of cancer patients? I think going through something like this is akin to going through war, so I am not surprised that patients AND caregivers are a little shellshocked. Layne can be edgy and sometimes a bit depressed over his lack of muscle tone, etc. He hasn't gotten so bad that we think he needs a counselor YET but it could happen.

    But I'd want someone who knows the ins and outs of cancer.
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    professional help
    My husband is also stage iv. Ask your dr or contact the American Cancer Society to refer you to someone. I did the same thing for my husband. We went to someone at our Cancer Center for a recommendation and the women we spoke to actually runs a support group for cancer patients. So we decided to try that to see if that would help....and it has. That was one of my biggest questions...."how can I tell if he is just tired from all the meds or depressed?" My husband is also takes anti-despressants....if your husband isn't taking anything, I suggest you ask for something. That also helped.
    Keeping you in my prayers....and try to stay strong.
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    Hi Kathy,
    First of all,

    Hi Kathy,
    First of all, welcome and congrats to your husband having a successful surgery and treatment! Yes, I do feel he is depressed, and I do feel that he does need at least a support group. A support group that specializes in cancer. This should help him tremendously. There are also quite a few anti depressant drugs available. Wow....William above my reply has given you all the info you should need. What a great guy he is!!! We are so fortunate to have him here on this discussion board. Best of luck to you, your husband, and your son. You are all doing a great job as his caregivers. There is help out there, you just have to be willing to find it. Keep us posted.