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I'm not going to sugar coat t, but I've this but I've taken a very bad turn. I entered the hospital this past Sunday afternoon snd will be transferred to advance care this afternoon after radiation.

I've had a few escapees from chemo and radiation so I now have this scourge in 2 places on my liver, my lower spine, both forearms, a rib, my left A/C joint and in 2 bones in my skull (not brain). I still have chemo-brain and morphine on board. Boy, am I messed up.

I've received excellent care afro these folks here. Can't take my meds in pilll form so they have to put them in liquid form either for IV or squirt dose down the gizzard. I have some good meds now for the terrible and painful hiccups.

On Monday, they drained 5 liters of fluid from my abdomen. I still have very bad constipation and that affects my BPH adversely.

Don't know if if I'll have a Yi-Fi at bldg 6, so sm taking the computer. So very sorry to hear of the passing of Kitten.



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  • Tina Blondek
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    Hey Mike
    I am pretty new to

    Hey Mike
    I am pretty new to this site, but I have read your posts before. That is a beautiful turkey you have in your picture. God Bless you for being such a strong fighter. You have been a great inspiration for a lot of people here. We will all pull together and pray for you. Keep us posted.
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  • Betty in Vegas
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    Goose, you are in my prayers
    I am so sorry. You have fought so HARD and sometimes it seems life is so unfair...but I know in reality that is what life IS. There is only what is, not fair or unfair.

    But reality often sucks.

    And this is one of those times. I have loved your "beat it" attitude and I have loved your sweet messages. Please have your wife contact and call me if she just wants to vent.

    Mike, you are so awesome. Tell those nurses and docs that we appreciate their care of you, since we can't be there.

  • JaneE2366
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    Mike, So sorry to hear your news....just wanted you to know I am thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers.
    Stay Strong,
  • Hope_Faith
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    Hey Mike,
    Sorry to hear the news. You hang in there and be ready to fight. I am praying for you and thinking of you. Know you are not alone - we're all here for you. Lean on the Lord.
    Thoughts, prayers, and blessings,
  • ndmp
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    "Don't Give Up Don't Ever Give Up" Jimmy V

    I haven't been on the board for a long time, been difficult for me. My thoughts and prayers are with you. in the words of Jimmy V, "Don't Give Up, Don't Ever Give Up" Where there is life there is hope, one day at a time.

    God Bless