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Hello, I have not posted in a while. I was diagnosed in 04/09 w/stage 3c serous papillary ppc.Had suboptimal debulking....only rt tube and ovary, omentum. Underwent 6 rounds of carbo/taxol and avastin. ca-125 started to rise after about cycle 4(only got down to 57). Swicted docs....my new doc was more aggressive and I had a second surgery 5 months after the first one. Second surgery was also unsuccessful, cancer spread to my bowels, only a biopsy to verify the cell type was performed. Now I have done two rounds of topotecan....rough....every week with one week off. Ca-125 has continued to rise....I will see what it is tomorrow. I was hospitalized earlier this week with a bowel partial bowel obstruction and discharged on liquids only. I don't know what to do. I feel I am at a crossroads and my situation is starting to look very grim. I don't think I can do liquids and chemo only. My doc said they are not sure if it is the chemo or the cancer that is slowing my bowels, and bascially I will only be on liquids from now on. Has anyone been in a similar situation. I feel like just stopping the chemo and enjoying what life I have left....then I start thinking about how this cancer will take over my body and it's scary. Does anyone have any thoughts.....I don't even know what I can drink for protein....boost and ensure are repulsive...i keep burping them up. Thank you for your input because I feel hopeless.


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    So sorry to hear all that you're dealing with, Christina. It's so difficult to get proper nourishment when you're in this situation and feeling the way you do. I am not a fan of the 'common' nutrition drinks Ensure and Boost. They are inferior, filled with unnecessary ingredients, and not enough protein. The their source of protein is not good. You need good sources of protein to build immunity and strengthen your body. Right now your body is feeding off of your muscles and, believe it or not, NOT the fat stores.

    Anyway, personally I would look for a good egg protein (Healthy N Fit has a good one), or proteins that are milk based. EAS Deluxe is good, and if someone can research this for you, have them email Dr. Scott Connelly and get his advice. He originally came out with MetRx (which he calls junk now since he sold the product to another company), and has another protein that you can find on his website. He began the products because they were trying to find a way to preserve the muscle mass of burn victims. Anyway, I won't go into too much detail. Again, I would just advise something better for you than Boost/Ensure. Do not use whey products, as they go through your system too quickly.

    Anything right now, I'm sure, will taste yucky. But maybe once you find a good drink you can add some additional nutrients to help you even more.

    I hope this helps. Please keep in touch. Sending prayers for strength, and lots of hugs.

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    We're here for you
    Hi Christina, well I can tell you I know exactly what these bowel obstrucions are all about, I've had three attacts and man let me tell ya I thought for sure this was gonna kill me, it is horrible. All they did for me is send me home with pain meds. Now I haven't had these attact (touch wood) for months now. They told me it was because the cancer is around my intestinal area, but I think because the damn pain meds blocks us up and then comes the obstructions. If u r taking pain meds try to cut back on them until you can regulate your bowels. Take the stool softeners and senikot and whatever laxitives that your doctor can perscribe. I haven't had to go on a liquid diet really. It is very very scarey I know, but this too shall pass. Hang in there and I hope that I was of little help. I know whenever I feel in the dumps I find myself coming back here where I know I'm not alone, and you are not alone. We just all love each other and know what each other is going through.