Onc. stopping Taxotere - WBC count is too low

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Anybody out there that might have this situation. I am worried that stopping the Taxotere early will increase my chances of cancer spreading. The Onco. is going to keep me on Herceptin every 3 weeks and Zometa every 4 weeks. Originally the Onco. had said I would be on Taxotere weekly for 6 months but I am only 3 months (12 treatments) into it. Thanks for your input.


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    Hi Czteve, I know how worried you must be...
    I am on CT (Cytoxin/Taxotere) for 4 cycles every three weeks. I was to possibly have two additional cycles. But I have been having some really hard reactions that just go from infusion to infusion with no good days inbetween. My potasium has dropped like a stone and so has my protein. My onc said this week that this cycle #4 this Friday may be my last one. I asked if my recurrance rate would go up and she said no, that the protocol (for me) is 4 treatments, the addtional 2 are just extra. So everyone is different. Do you get a Nuelasta shot after every cycle? That helps keep the WBC up.

    But I am triple negative so I don't get any of the hormone related drugs. YOu need to talk to your onc again and really get an understanding if this is going to compromise you or if after you wbc goes back up you could go back on etc.

    I'm not sorry about stopping Taxotere, it is a real tuffy.

    I hope you can get your concerns settled in your mind so you won't worry, we have so much to worry about.

    Hugs, Judy :-)