I need to just blow

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That didn't come out right!lol I have more tests for the lovely mammogram tomorrow second trip for the little lovelys. They brought me in twice while I was there on Thursday. Now this afternoon they called me back in for more photos of the girls tomorrow afternoon. My spinal surgery is scheduled for Dec. 22. I cancelled and requested after Christmas. Murphys Law, if anyone has read any of my posts I am Murphy!!!
Except, I am optimistic, that things will be fine. I am upset that I always have to be tested. Not real thrilled with my husband right now just feel by myself and I am tired of fighting just to exist. I fought to be here and I want to enjoy it, but if dang darn there isn;t Murphy sticking his head in it every dang darn rippen pippin step of the way.
Just needed to lay it out so I wouldn't say something I didn't mean to someone else. My cans are already flat.LOL Lots of hugs to all of you, I am here and I do and can help fight for all of us!!! thanks for listening.
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    You have been truly
    You have been truly inspirational to me with your story & all of the positive energy you give to everyone on this forum. I am glad you "blew off some steam" & I hope all goes well tomorrow - you definitely have the right attitude!
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    Surgery Around the Holidays
    Hi Cass

    I did my Liver RFA on the 27th of December - they wanted to do it on the 26th and I told the surgeon "everyone has got their mind on eggnog" so make it the 27th instead :)

    I understand your concerns at doing surgeries around the holidays - people's minds are elsewhere, but mine was an emergency and we had to take the chance.

    Glad you can wait - best of luck and I'm getting better day by day.

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    thinking of and praying for you
    Hi Cass,

    I'm sorry about the lousy stuff going on- when it rains it pours sometimes, doesn't it?!
    I'll be keeping you in thought and prayer through all the upcoming tests and surgery.

    Blessings to you-
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    I hope
    I hope everything goes well tomorrow,I'm glad you vented,I hope it helped,thats why we are here.I don't blame you for postponing things till after the holidays,I did the same thing with a catscan,and endosopy.Something always goes wrong,sometimes I think murphy is a distant relative who does not like me.Go figure.Good luck tomorrow,I'll pray for you.