L-glutamine to help with Oxaliplatin side effects?

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I too am new to this site. My father-in-law is going for his first round of chemo today. He is 72, in good health other than stage? advanced tumor in lower esophagus. I am the only source of advice/research he has other than the Dr., so I'm trying to get as much info as possible.
Meeting today with the oncologist prior to Xeloda and Oxaliplatin infusions today followed by two weeks of pills - epirubicin. He's scheduled to go every 3 weeks for 3 rounds. Then surgery. We live in Minnesota and it's very cold so I am worried about the side effects of the oxaliplatin. I've read that l-glutamine helps but would like more info...how much to take? Take it now as he's starting the chemo? Where do I get it for him?
Thanks and I am very impressed with everything I've read on this site!


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    L Glutamine
    I am a little hesitant about posting this because it is probably considered an alternative treatment, and I don’t want to suggest any kind treatment. That being said, here is what I know. My husband’s Dr. had him take 20g 3xs a day mixed in liquid. He would do this for 4 days after the start of his cycle. I can get it at the hospital pharmacy; also health food stores carry it. It comes in capsule and powder form; we opted for the powder since it would take around 30 pills to get the same amount. We were told it could help with muscle wasting and neuropathy. I have no idea if it helped with either since we did not have a control group. It is an amino acid, and I think pretty safe, still I would check with the Dr.