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My friend brought it to my attention that all the sugar in fruit could not be good for me, she said that cancer loves sugar. What do you think about this? I know that it is natural sugar so, I wasn't sure about the answer to this question. Any advice would be appreciated. Patti


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    Debateable. I been mixing mine, with fruit and veggies. Some people do believe sugar feeds on cancer, some don't. My onc just told me not to go to extremes cutting it ALL out, because there are some good sugars, and need it for the weight. But, she did say any kind of juicing was good for you.

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    Your body needs sugar (glucose) to survive. Cancer cells survive
    by fermentation; they take your glucose and churn out lactic acid.

    Since cancer cells use more of your body's glucose than normal
    cells, they actually rob your system of it's needed glucose. That is
    why an advanced cancer stage always produces skinny victims;
    the cancer is taking what the body needs to survive.

    If you try to starve cancer cells by removing sugar, you will starve
    your good cells and your entire body faster.
  • Although the majority of
    Although the majority of carbohydrate intake should ideally be from grains and vegetables, certain fruits (eg: blueberries) contain substances that kill some cancer cells according to David Servan-Schreiber, M.D, PhD ("Anticancer: A New Way of Life"). He recommends adding berries to cereals or for snacks. His book is well worth reading. You can find out more about his book at
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    Try focusing your juicing on veggies rather than fruits and then eat your fruits like blueberries with high anti-oxidant content.

    The fresh juices are full of enzymes and vitamins that are healers so it's not like you're eating ice cream or chocolate bars and getting overloaded in refined zero-nutrition sugars.

    Just a thought.

    peace, emily