Hi Lindsay

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Hi Lindsay,

I am sorry to here about you dads diagnosis. My husband Al was diagnosed in May with stage IV
so believe me I know what you are going through.

My husband since then has had many rounds of chemo and few trips to the hospital the chemo beat him up a bit. Everyone reacts differently to chemo so don't get scared yet wait to see how he does. On Oct. 19th Al had his Minimal invasive esophagectomy, done laproscoply. He
is doing very well.

I don't know everything nor am I a Dr. but I have been where you are right now so if you have
any questions or need any help just post HELP with the question and I or someone else will be glad to help you.

That is what this site is all about helping each other get through this horrible time in there life.

God Bless,
Kath aka Mumphy