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In the grand scheme, this is a minor thing. but I lost 10 pounds after prostate surgery. Went from 224 to 214. I'm not complaining, but it sure is strange because I ate normally from the day after surgery, and didn't exactly set the world on fire with exercise. Wondering if anyone else experienced this.
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    I also lost about 10 lbs.--but gain back 3
    My weight also went from 209 to 199 (now back to 202) for the week during and after surgery.
    I think that is quite reasonable. For 2 days (the day before and the day of) I have enemas, and just intravenous + liquid diet. Then, the next few days, I ate little. Plus, the prostate, lymph nodes and other material removed (the cancer spread to the nearby areas)
    probably account for 2+ lbs. So, I can account for at least 6 lbs, perhaps even 8.
    Also, they may have remove nearby tissues (hopefully just belly fat) to get at your

    I would think that you should only be concerned if the weight loss continues--but then I am not a doctor (at least of medicine). Ask your urologist or primary doctor.
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    I lost about 10 but since my
    I lost about 10 but since my surgeon was adamant about kicking back for 8 weeks I have gained about 12 back.