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I had sort of a set back today so I am a little down in the dumps today. I had ct scan of the chest abdomen, pelvis, bone scan and all were good, but my muga scan dropped down from 66 to mid 50s. I was originally 70 when I started all of this so my oncologist held my herceptin today and we need to check it again in 1 month...not to mention my wbc count dropped down as well. If the muga scan isnt better next time, I will need to postpone my surgery to have the expander replaced on the right side...not to mention worrying about restarting the herceptin.

Anyway...the process just seems to go on and on and on and on..........

So...I have whined enough and now its time to take doggie for a walk and be happy that my oncologist doesnt want to throw me into heart failure.

Thanks for the ear

Linda T


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    sorry to hear about your problems Linda... wish I could help just know your in good hands they wouldn't bring you this far to give up, its a minor set back right now you will get through this and it will all work out.....PS thank YOu for my ornament , bear and pin you are a very thoughtful caring person....lots of hugs ... and well wishes ...Lisa xo