I got my ornament today

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Hey all!!! My ornament came today...I was going to wait to open it, but I thought, why wait til xmas when its an ornament, right??? Anyway, its a beautiful glass angel which came all the way from Canada and it lights up with a really beautiful note included in the box. So Im excited to get it on the tree...and it came on a good day cuz I had ct scan of the chest, abdomen, pelvis, bones and muga scan this week along with a ton of labs and get all the results tomorrow. I have had some achiness in my upper chest but I think its a muscle pull, I hope.

Anyway...thanks from Wisconsin and by the way, newbiefromcanada did yours ever get there?? It was mailed the monday before thanksgiving so you should get it anytime.

Linda T


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    Isn't it fun to get
    Isn't it fun to get something in the mail besides bills and junk mail! I'm glad yours came on a day when you needed a boost - and I hope all your tests came out OK, too!

    I'm just nervous waiting for the ornament I sent to get to its new home! It should have already been there. . . I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow!

    Again, God bless and good results on your tests!