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You know God really does orchestra everything. I had been talking to my husband about getting my hair cut short. We both love long hair. Ours were the same length up to a week ago. A few days before I was going to get it cut, I had a dream that my hair looked like Julia Roberts in the movie Steal Magnolia right before she had her surgery. You know all choppy and really short. I knew God was telling me something but not sure just what. Well I called and the guy that cuts my hair is no longer there. I though “oh great” he is the only one that does what I ask. Well a few days later I just went in and I had to wait it seemed like forever. There was only one guy working and a little bit later two ladies came in.
God is so good. The lady that called me up was very compassionate. When I told her that I needed to cut my hair short tears started to go down my face. She talked with me and had a family member that had gone though what I am going through. So she understood. I was going to have it cut a little longer than my shoulders, but I wanted to give it to locks of love ,because of my layers it ended up on top of my shoulders. A lot shorter then I was ready to deal with. But she styled it and it really looks cute, for short hair : p . I know it is just hair and if I do lose it when I start chemo, it will come back. One challenge at a time, Right?
So God prepared me about my hair as He has on other areas of this adventure. Thank you for letting me voice this. But I have a question too. I get cold so easily and I have not even started chemo yet. I don’t understand why this is happening. I am not sick or catching a cold. Any ideas?
God Bless You All,


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    This might sound crazy but.........
    When I am nervous I get cold. So maby its nerves and stress. You have so much to deal with right now and it can become overwhelming. I wish you luck with your treatment.

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    Once you start your chemo, you will infact, lose your usually starts falling out 10-14 days after the first infusion.......I didn't wait to start losing it, I had it all buzzed off, then once that started falling out, I shaved it....IT's a shock at first, but after a few days,I got used to it.....if you had long hair and are now getting cold, that could be why..or simply nerves and stress..I froze all summer, without hair......wore a tight cap with a scarf over it.....4 months now since chemo and my hair is about 3/4 " long.....I still look like GI JANE, but it's hair! And losing my hair was a small price to pay to try and rid the beast........
    Peace be with you
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    Your long hair was like a blanket around you and now it's gone. I get really cold and hate hats so I went to the fabric store and bought fleece material and made bandana size scarves. Very soft and warm.
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    Sher43009 said:

    Your long hair was like a blanket around you and now it's gone. I get really cold and hate hats so I went to the fabric store and bought fleece material and made bandana size scarves. Very soft and warm.

    I too
    Get cold easier now. I thought it could be that I'm not a spring chicken anymore. I remember my grandma walking around in a sweater all the time and covering her lap in her rocker with a afgan... She was a grumpy grandma...LOL...

    I also notice when I get nervous I get cold and shake. I'm sure your nerves are on edge .. Stress does find a way to affect our bodies...
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    God is awesome
    I know in my heart, being so physcialy sick from chemo that he just craddled me. He wants the best for us and cares about the little details in our life. Bringing the right people, showing us things and even our hair. When I lost my hair countless of people chipped in and bought me comfy scarves and hats, I had more hats than I know what to do with. Am passing them on to a beautiful lady I met here on this site. My hair is about an inch, nice color I love it, thankful to God for that. I was cold when I had cancer, I still am, so I dont' know why, it was interesting to read the posts that nerves can cause you to get chills. Bundle up. will be praying and thanking God for every step you take, every obstacle you face that he will strenghten you, and am very grateful for this site for the love and support you will continue to recieve.
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    Thank you all for the advice and encouragement. For letting me vocie what is going on inside of me. You all are so wonderful.

    God Bless