kidney cancer with mets to brain

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Husband has has both the kidney and the brain tumor removed, he has had blood clots in the lungs, brain bleed, hydrocephalas and now a tumor on the pituitary gland. Also has a spot in both lungs and a small tumor under the arm and they say it isn't in the lymph nodes. He is not getting any treatment and not scheduled for any, they are just watching him. This just feels wrong. Help


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    RCC metastasis
    Hello suzysuzy. A little over two years ago, I had a radical nephrectomy of my left kidney because of an 8cm malignant tumor. Befor surgery I did quite a bit of research about this cancer. The sad fact is, once this cancer spreads their is very few options that are very effective. I also had no chemo or radiation post surgery,because it does not work. Immunotherapy has a very limited temporary success rate, while also making the patient very sick. During my most recent check-up, they detected a mass in my left lung. I'm waiting on the biopsy results, hoping for the best, but also knowing the lungs are a favorite destination of this disease. I fully understand what you and you're husband are feeling. May God bless.