Aransesp - anyone else getting this - and lab results

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I had labs today to see if my oncologist would give his blessing for me to proceed with two root canals. No go. My red and white counts were both too low. He prescribed Aransesp every two weeks to build my red cells, and warned me that if my white cells go too low, he will stop my treatment. This really has me frightened and concerned. I would literally do chemo every week if he would let me. That's how badly I want this stuff out of me.

The Aransesp doesn't hurt (they give it in the stomach) but it has some side effects. So far, they have not been too bad, though.

My CA125 is 245 after two sessions of chemo. I know that's about 9 times higher than normal, but it was 4000 pre-surgery, then 2200 and 2400 after. I am so hoping that round 3 isn't cancelled, and that it really kicks some cancer butt, and brings that number way, way down.


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    have had it
    Hello, I have had aranesp in the past, take some tylenol for the side affects and stay away from ibuprofen. I was told by the chemo nurses that it makes your platelets your low, I take it occasionally but boy have I had better red blood cells since I stopped.

    Prayers your numbers are up enough to get your chemo. Hugs n Prayers Bonnie
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    I had Aranesp when my hemoglobin was too low for me to continue chemo. The shot works by stimulating the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.

    I don't remember ever having a reaction to the shot, but it did raise my hemoglobin and red blood cells enough so that I could continue my treatments.

    There's a shot for white blood cells, Neulasta which raises the white blood cell counts. I remember having muscle pain with that one, but it did work.

    Good luck to you,
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    A Balancing Act
    Taking chemo is a delicate balancing act...killing as much cancer without killing the host. I have been fortunate in not having to have blood cell boosters but then I did not have the extensive hospital stay that you had. It will take time for your body to recover from the stress it is under from all the new stuff you have done to it in the last few months.

    I can relate to the wanting to continue as I am now facing a change due to the development of an allergy to carboplatin. It really brings my CA125 down but now after 13 doses of it in the last 2.5 years, I reacted last time. I am pre-medicating for my dose tomorrow with steroids in hopes that will control the allergy and get one more dose down. There is a risk of breathing problems but I will take it. Last time my nose stopped up completely (swelling) but throat remained open and I itched in various places and turned red. Responded well to benedryl drip. Normal in an hour. I did get the entire dose of carbo before the allergy hit. Will see what the CA125 went to these last 4 weeks and post after tomorrow.

    (((HUGS to another Texas gal))) Saundra
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    I know it still seems high, but the declining numbers is a good sign. Sorry to hear you can't have your dental work, though. I had a similar situation, except they just cautioned against dental work even though I didn't have a platelet issue. Anyway, after chemi, I ended up having them pull the tooth that was bad and I got a partial. I was told the root canal might not take, not to mention all the work involved. I felt like I had been through enough pain, etc. without going through that too.

    Here's praying for your next chemo to continue to bring those numbers down. And, as always, prayers for healing and health, and strength.