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We shaved my head the day before Thanksgiving - and I posted the pictures on my expressions page. As you can see from the picture I have up - I had lots of hair - short but a lot of it! It was amazing how it came out so fast! We did a mohawk, a baby louie top knot and then the full shave. My daughter thought it was hilarious! Take a look if you want a good laugh! I didn't know how to re-arrange the pictures - so they are in reverse order - the first is at the bottom end!



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    Looks like a good time was
    Looks like a good time was had by all! I got mine buzzed Wed afternoon too, but mine was thin and fine to begin with so there wasn't much to play with. :( A mohawk woould have been fun for a photo because it's so opposite my normal personality. Right now life is so far past normal that doing something outrageously different is enormously appealing.

    Isn't it wonderful how we can take these difficult times and turn them into opportunities for laughter and coming together in a fun way with friends and family? I love your sense of humor and that of so many on here. A "fsmily" trait it seems.:)

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    Nothing to laugh at Lori!
    Nothing to laugh at Lori! You look great! But, it is nice that you had fun doing it.

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    Oh Lori, you had the bestest Mohawk!
    My hair was like Angela's too thin to really be stylin'in a Mohawk. Me thinks we were all having too much fun! It's so good to be able to laugh at things right now. I'm really getting to like the no hair thing here in Hawaii where it's still warm. I've actually forgotten to put a cap or scarf on twice today in my journeys around the neighborhood garage sales. No unwanted comments tho' so that's positive.
    I did pick up a glider rocker for my new place and just heard from the landlady the tenant in there now should be out tomorrow. Looks like I'll get in before my chemo. Yeh!!
    Now that we've all lost our hair together, sounds like we all "buzzed" this week, it will be interesting to see if we start getting it back together.
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. I'm pooped tonight from Black Friday shopping and I'm heading to bed. Lola
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    So Creative
    I just put my hair in a grocery bag after I pulled all of it out. Good idea to involve everyone and make it a family thing. Maybe a lot less traumatic. Pics are really cute and you look great.

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    Lady Godiva...hmmm...
    Lori, you look great bald, with your beautiful smile, and I usually advocate being out and proud during chemo, but, in your case... might want to consider keeping the Lady Godiva wig, because you ROCK that look!

    :-) Traci
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    I appreciate all the comments - and compliments! I hope you all do well this week, too!


    PS - Lola - good luck on moving in to your new place! It's great to be able to chill and not feel like you have to entertain!