getting sick after sex and weight gain (cervical cancer)

Can some one please help me?... I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 1 1/2 ago. I had radaiton and chemo.I'm very tired of getting sick after sex (fever and chills). the doctors don't know what wrong. and I have a gained 20 pounds since my treatment. i have did all types of diets low carbs, soy. vegetable, fruit, nothing will help..Is there any one that can help with me both problems.



  • merlin311
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    I just finished my chemo
    I just finished my chemo radiation treatments 3 weeks ago, I can sympathize with your issues as I am having the same kind of problems, But as far as having fever and chills after sex,if your docotors can't tell you why this is happening then you should seek advice elswhere.
    Fever and chills usually indicate some sort of infection, and should be treated. Hope this helps..
  • khatfield4468
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    Still sick
    Hi YoYo,
    I agree with the previous post that there may be an infection somewhere. As far as the weight gain, have you had your thyroid checked? I assume that we may have been on similar regimens Cisplatin, 5FU, Mitomycin-C? These drugs can cause problems with the bodies hormones, can cause anemia's & nutritional deficiencies as well as early severe menopause. If the thyroid is off, it is important to find what may be causing it such as adrenal fatigue or insufficiency. Also, thyroid problems often plague women during menopause. I recommend the website Women 2 Women. Check it out. Hope this helps? Khatfield