Happy Thanksgiving

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I'm so happy to be watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with my hubby and doggy--who, I think is actually watching it LOL.

Have had a few rough weeks, so I'm really celebrating the day since my side effects are in check this morning thanks to a late chemo yesterday: the good drugs are still controlling the yucky tummy :).

I hope all of you have a wonderful day doing whatever gives you joy. I'm doing only what feels good and reminds me of all those fabulous dinners with my family. Enjoying the joys of online communication with family and friends far away but still within the touch of this keyboard.

Love and warm hugs to all of my sisters in pink,
donna peach


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    Diminished side effects are
    Diminished side effects are a nice Thanksgiving treat!
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    Happy Thanksgiving back at ya!
    Hope you had a good day doing whatever felt good.

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    Jadie said:

    Happy Thanksgiving back at ya!
    Hope you had a good day doing whatever felt good.


    Thanksgiving day of rest and peace
    Having fun chillin' and enjoying some good food, courtesy of local carry out :). Feels great. No work. No thinking about you know what. Watching National Geographic, writing some letters to friends with my favorite fountain pens and inks. Such joys.

    Hope you are having a fun day as well.

    donna peach
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    Oh Donna, I know about that
    Oh Donna, I know about that yucky tummy, but in spite of it, I had a wonderful, quiet beautiful day with my husband and 2 of our neighbors. I'm feeling so chipper, we may drive to S. florida tomorrow morning to see our glorious grandson Charlie. so happy you had a peaceful day. By the way you are one good looking baldy~! love your photo.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too Donna! I hope you had a wonderful day!