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Since being on chemo, I'm having more than usual bad dreams. Last night I dreamed my tumors returned to full size. It was so real. I normally don't dream that much anyway, not that I remember. Anyone else having different than normal dreams while on chemo?


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    Sleep was normal - same
    Sleep was normal - same amount and same sort of stupid/silly dreams I always have had - while on A/C for 8 weeks. Now on Taxol and can't hardly sleep. Was given Temazepam and it gave me horrible brutal/violent dreams which I can't ever remember having had any of. It still took between 2 1/2 and 3 hours to get to sleep and then very little sleep, about 3 hours a night. Tonight, I start Ambien so will see how that goes.

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    Funny you should mention
    Funny you should mention this. Yes I've had some really crazy dreams since starting chemo. You were so smart to mention this. Thank You Laurissa.
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    i had them on chemo and i still have them ,they are bad though it was just me.
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    ladybug22 said:

    i had them on chemo and i still have them ,they are bad though it was just me.

    Our unexpressed feelings can show up in our dreams.
    I'm sorry you are having bad dreams. I would suggest you try some quided imagery to put you to sleep. Chemicals can be affecting your dream patterns but if it continues after chemo stops, you may need some help handling the many fears associated with cancer. I go to a support group but many of us go through this ordeal without allowing ourselves to express the grief and fear that is normal. Dreams can allow an outlet for those fears.


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    Hi Laurissa
    How are you?When I was on Chemo I never slept good unless i took two sleeping pills.And I did have some wild dreams.I had my 12 th Radiation today.I will be so glad to get 33 of them done.Take care and happy Thanksgiving.(Pat)