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If it wasn't for feeling cold all the time. The extreme leg pain, The barfing, The wonderful metal taste you get in your mouth, and the overall just feel like crap for 5 or 6 days. Chemo isn't too bad!! Did I miss anything? LOL

Life is funny sometimes


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    Hey Brook
    That's funny ever sins I started chemo I could not take the coldness I'm always cold
    For the taste I have not experience that but my brother-in-law would go on about it he would eat salty thing to take away the taste I don't know if that works or not but when he was a live that what he like to do
    They are changing my chemo come the first of the year so that mite be something I will go throw
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    You missed the day #5
    You missed the day #5 floodgates opening - the switch from constipation to diarrhea - one of my favorites...

    How do you stop diarrhea when you can't keep Immodium down? That is my new challenge.

    Feeling like crap - I'd say that is putting it VERY MILDLY!

    Off in a few minutes to get my Neupogen shot so I am ready to do it all again on Dec 3rd.
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    And tomorrow's my turn to do the FOLFOX shuffle:
    by 9 AM (hopefully) my blood will be checked and shortly thereafter second dose begins afterwhich i'm useless for the next 4 or 5 days....Hoopefully it won't get too comulative over time and really do as number on me cos I'm no way near as strong as I had been during round one before surgeery......Steve
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    Don't forget the fun one, neuropathy. My hubby gets so frustrated when he can't button his shirt or tie his shoes or drops things but heck, thats what he has me for. Tina
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    These couple of days are my
    These couple of days are my husband's chemo days,the chemo knocked him down pretty quickly.The fatigue and short of energy make him feel bad.
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    Oh and let's not forget about farting in the perfume isle with teary red eyes and a runny nose. Life is good getting to the other side of the store in 5 seconds.