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I have been diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma on October 15,2009. A biopsy was taken at that time. The lesion is on the lower part of the nose near the cheek. It was approx. 1 cm circular and looked very ugly with inflammation around it. It was the size of a pencil eraser. I distinctly remember how this tumor developed. I had nicked myself with a razor blade a year ago and kept removing the scab and scratching it. It never really healed.

After I left the doctor's office, I began a regiment to stabilize the ulceration by plugging the right nostril with tissue paper so as to keep it from moving. Next, I noticed a tiny droplet of clear fluid oozing out from the center of the ulcer. Seeing this, I used tissue paper to dry it up, and to ensure that it stayed dry, I used a very small fan at night placed a short distance from the nose. The itching and twitching stopped after about a week. During this time, I also used a source of radiant heat to help the healing.

It's been about a month now, and everything looks fine. I have just a small indentation where the lesion was. If I was younger, I might have skin grafting done, but the location and my age negate that. It's really hardly noticeable. I have declined to see the dermatologist again. I check it every day and every day it gets better.

I'm posting this so that others who have BCC might consider self-treatment first before agreeing to other medical procedures. Has anybody out there in cypber-space tried self-treatment. What say you?


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    please- do not try to treat
    please- do not try to treat it yourself!

    just because it *looks* better, does not mean that the cancer cells are gone!

    alot of people with skin cancer can atest to lesions coming and going, but all the while the cells are still present...the cancer is in the BASAL cells of your skin, so not just on the surface, and on a place like the nose, that has little underlying fat, but also lots of capillaries etc, the basal cell cancer has the opportunity to metastise to other organs if neglected! and that is not a risk to take when you can have a simple procedure to remove it completely and easily....the scars heal very well too, these days, with their techniques...

    in the end it is your choice to make, but you can not tell if it is better or not by looking at it!

    my basal cell carcinoma (malignant) looked totally harmless, and would have gone unnoticed by people, including a doctor who sent me away for wasting his time on nothing...(it looked like a tiny patch that had been slightly abrased by a seam on my running top) yet it was malignant....

    please ,please please...i don't mean to offend,but,you can not heal a cancer by putting tissue up your nose and placing a fan on it at night, and a heat source..if it was that easy.....

    you possibly could end up with a very disfiguring operation to save your life ,if you neglect folloewup care in the future!

    best of luck...