Take a deep breath....

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Wow, there are so many new women to this board, it is overwhelming! I have been here for awhile, and i wanted to write this post to let all the new sisters know that there is Hope. Here is my story, i was diagnosed July 7, 2008 with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, stage 4. I had 12 chemo treatments of Taxol, along with Herceptin, I had my right breast removed with an expander put in, and then i had 25 radiation treatments. I still go every 4 weeks for a treatment called Zometa since it spread to my bones. Right now, I am in remission, there are no active lesions at this time. My hair has grown back, thick and curly. I keep it short with hi-lites and i love it. I have learned so much on this journey, i have met so may wonderful people. Every month, i meet with 3 women that i met in Radiation at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Next month, we are going to the horse races. Hopefully, i will be able to meet several of the women who post here.
You also, will get through this. You will be stronger, braver, and more beautiful. You will love harder than you ever thought possible.
So, take a deep breath and hold on tight. My mantra is '"i fought cancer,you don't scare me".


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    What a lovely post. Thank you,,,, Huge Hugs to you Jxxxxxxxxx
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    tasha_111 said:

    What a lovely post. Thank you,,,, Huge Hugs to you Jxxxxxxxxx

    Thank you! I needed that.
    Thank you! I needed that. I was dx with stage 3 IBC, just finished radiation about 3 weeks ago. I am so worried about mets and the future. I am having trouble now with my stomach, I think it's my gall bladder. But I worry that it's liver mets or something else. Sometimes it's hard to deal with all this. Again, thanks!
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    Hey Meena
    Wow what a story!!!You are such an inspiration and you give me lots of hope that life is still good so long after diagnosis!!! I just finished chemo about 6 wks ago and have herceptin to do until next august, plus reconstruction etc etc etc...not to mention a clinical trial that will go for 3 years. I am so glad you are doing so well and that my fuzz will eventually turn into real hair!

    Hugs...and your post will help me sleep better tonight
    Linda T