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Has anyone had surgey at Fox Chase Cancer Center?


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    I think there is someone from Fox Chase on this site
    Thanks again for your help! I hope RevLee responds to my post. Overall I am pleased with Fox Chase, and I am still at the beginning stages of treatment (PET scan tomorrow, meet oncologist and staging for radiation next week, and will meet surgeon, Walter Scott, on 12/7). Radiation oncologist told me the treatment and surgery is painful, but he is aggressive re pain control, and that surgery is very high risk. I don't know yet if I'm a candidate for minimally evasive procedure. I am trying to obtain as much information as possible about the procedure and who are best surgeons in the area. I know about the docs in Pittsburgh, NYC and Baltimore, and hope to learn more about the local Philly docs through this site. I was told to eat as much as possible and try to gain weight so I will go to town this Thanksgiving. Have a Happy Holiday!