hello from black sea coasts of the

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hello from trabzon province of the TURKEY. my name is AHMET SİNAN YURDADOGAN . im Turkish. my home town is TRABZON province (north-east of the Turkey). My mother is a breast cancer survivor . she has no chest because nearly 7 years ago after the operation she lost two chest(in same operation). my mom was so lucky because in my home town have big medical center (karadeniz tecnical universty medical faculty TRABZON) and so many talented surgeons serving there(include TURKEY's one of the most talented breast surgeons mr. ETEM ALHAN) . 7 years Ago professor ALHAN decided the operation because disase was in second stage and my mother's health getting worst everyday. we told to my mom surgeon ALHAN's decision and my mother accepted operation. today my mom alive and so healty too. and now 64 years old. we gratefull to surgeon professor mr. ETEM ALHAN. dear ladies of all around the world you couldn't be lucky like my mother . our surgeon was so talented also Mamogram so important too. Mamogram save your lives because you can see the Tumor in first period. that is very important in breast cancer disase . After the breast cancer operations first 5 years are so crucial in your lives. my mom passed this crucial time 2.5 years ago. Dear ladies you are so important pieces of our life . as a breast cancer survivor's son im sending all best wishes to yours from Trabzon province of the TURKEY.


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    Thank you for your thoughts.
    Thank you for your thoughts. Your mother is lucky to have a caring son like you.
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    The Black Sea
    I would like to see that some day. I am glad to hear that your mother is doing fine and that you have supported her through her time of need.

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    You are a great son!
    Your mother is so lucky to have a son like you. Thank you so much for your well wishes. We wish your family all the best.
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    Thanks Ahmet
    We are glad to

    Thanks Ahmet
    We are glad to hear that your mother is doing well. If she wants to talk to us, we'd love to have her join the discussion boards.