Update on my Radiation & Chemo Consult

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Hello Ladies...

Well I had my consults on Tuesday....

The Radiation Onclologist (Brigham & Women's/Boston) recommended the treatment be the combination of 25 External Beam with the dreaded 4 Brachytherapy Internal Beam. She also recommended I do the Radiation while doing the Chemo....

My later appt with the Medical Oncologist (Dana Farber/Boston) seemed a bit perplexed with that news but told me she would consult with her the following morning along with my surgeon at their weekly research meeting...

Got a call back yesterday from the Radiation team that I have another consult set up next week for me to get the schedule and finalize details...and a call back from the Chemo doctor to say they had come to an agreement about the protocol after meeting.

Originally I was going to get the Carboplatin/Taxol however with me now getting the Radiation at the same time, they need to switch to one drug. They are going with Cisplatin for the first round. So Day 1 I would have both a Radiation treatment in the morning and a Chemo treatment in the afternoon. Radiation to continue throughout the month and then on Day 28 another Chemo treatment. Then when the external radiation is complete, then the 4 Brachytherapy sessions. Then followed (with the appropriate spacing of time) by another 4 rounds of Chemo (this time with the two meds).

Has anyone else done a similar protocol? She was very up front about the side effects of Cisplatin; mainly the risk of stress on the Kidneys...she said they will watch me like a hawk, but frankly that scares the hell out of me.

SO anyone with some personal experiences good, bad or ugly, please share!!!!

Sending out thoughts, hugs and prayers to those of you who need one today :)

I am heading out today for a weekend with friends to scrapbook. It is my passion and I laugh so much, talk so much it is very cathartic. I need to break out of dodge for sure.

Stay strong and have a wonderful weekend ladies!


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    Hello, I was treated with
    Hello, I was treated with Cisplatin and Ifosfamide. My treatment was four day inpatient due to the side effects. I was encouraged to drink lots of water, and at the same time I was on 24 hour IV hydration.

    Each time I used the bathroom (and I went A LOT due to the hydration and my own water drinking!) I filled a "hat" and I had to let the nurses know and they came to my room and tested it to be sure I was not having bladder issues.

    I finished up my treatment at the end of last March, and to be honest, the details are a bit blurry now. I don't remember if it was one, the other or both combined that caused my treatment to take place in the hospital under close watch with hydration so I can't say it was from the Cisplatin specifically.

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    In doing a quick Google search, the most mentioned side effect is kidney damage.

    Just go to Google or you may have it showing at the top of the browser, and enter cisplatin toxicity or side-effects and there will be lots of articles you can read on the subject.

    Best of luck finding a satisfactory answer. I did see mention of things that could lessen the potential side effects.

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    I had three brachy rads on my vaginal cuff in 2006. I was not a candidate for pelvic radiation because of the potential serious side effects due to my signficant scarring issues. Recently, I am supposed to get a seven week treatment of radiation with one day a week of chemo. I was told once I get this radiation, I will never be able to have this area radiated again. The risks of side effects jumped from 5% to 15% to 20%.

    The main long-term side effects are scarring; bowel problems and maybe a fistula all that may requiring extensive surgery.

    Radiation side effects usually occur after a couple of years.

    I am getting a second opinion on Monday whether or not I should do the radiation at this time. The chemo they are offering is a low dose that actually enhances the effect of the radiation.

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    I was diagnosed Stage 1C,
    I was diagnosed Stage 1C, Grade 2 and did not need chemo or external radiation. However, I just finished with 4 Brachy treatments. The treatments were not as bad as I expected. Fortunately, I have doctors who us the newer procedures. The worst part was privacy or should I say lack of privacy. In the room, I had my male doctor, a male assistant, 1 female nurse and 1 female assistant. The two women were very good at trying to give me my privacy as much as possible. They would cover me with a blanket immediately after the doctor inserted the cylinder.

    My mom did have chemo and radiation for breast cancer. She's been in remission for 7 years and so far no problems. I believe her drugs were the same as uterine cancer. I'll have to check with her.