Turkey neck getting worse this week, does it go away?

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Is it because of thanksgiving fast approaching that I have developd a bad case of the turkey neck? I'm seven weeks post treatment and it really got bad this week, while brushing my teeth I can feel the fat moving back and forth. The area is swollen as if retaining water and is the classic turkey neck side effect. Does it ever get better?


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    Yes, it does. Treatments release fluids and if you had any lymph nodes removed or damaged from treatments, they can't remove the fluids as quickly as pre-treatment.
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    stimulating OTHER lymphnodes
    Understand the turkey neck and my physical therapist helped me deal with mine and reduce it to nearly nothing as necessary.
    Stimulating OTHER lymphnodes (under the arm, in the abdomen) with very light touch and slowly working that same light touch/stroke method up to the neck and then back down to the underarm and abs can work wonders. It doesn't take any pressure...just gentle touch or strokes with the finger tips. It doesn't take a long time to do...a few seconds in each area as you work up to the neck and the same as you work back down.
    My therapist recommended I start doing this three or four times a day and cut back as the swelling decreased. I now do it as needed (maybe once every two or three days) while sitting in front of the TV or when I first go to bed.
    Give it a try and/or ask someone about "lymph-drainage".
    Best of everything and good health.