I still need the Addresses of some of our Ornament Elves!!! You Know Who You Are! :-)

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I can't take any NewComers to the Exchange List, sorry to say, but a few of you who sent me Private Messages saying you wanted to have a secret sister have not yet sent me your names/mailing addresses so that I can match you up!!! One person did indeed send me her info, and I paired her up with a secret sister a week or so ago, but she has not accessed her Private Messages, so I don't know if she still wants to ( or can) participate. I would be so sad if someone who signed up weeks ago is left out of the mailings! So PLEASE, if you are already one of this years Ornament Elves, and you have NOT sent me your address, please PM me with it!!! Or, if, for any reason you cannot do it this year afterall, that's ok too! We understand more than most life's ups and downs~ just let me know so that I can re-shuffle the deck, as it were! There is a lucky sister who may get more than one ornament~ if I don't hear from her secret ornament elf, I will "assume" ( dangerous, I know!) that she cannot particpate, and I will send an extra ornament out! After all, I do have all of the address, don't I? LOL

I hope this thread makes sense and that if you have NOT sent me your address, or you cannot participate, you know who are! Let me know, sisters!