Dying from laryngeal cancer, need help

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My husband has end stage laryngeal cancer. No treatment options. He had a trach tube put in September to help with breathing. The lymph nodes on neck and collarbone are growing. Some days there is blood coming out under trach. Went to Dr. last week to have trach tube changed. Some bleeding upon change. Dr. said everything looked good. What does that mean? He never commented on lymph nodes. I know the cancer is spreading. Today 11/18 husband having difficulty breathing through trach tube, becoming more restricted, there is blood under it and his shoulder hurts. What direction should I take? Not much help from the Dr. Anyone out there who has experienced this?


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    Dying from laryngeal cancer
    I would take him to another hematology/oncology center for second opinion. Life and death at this stage can be determined by what drs you are seeing. Laryngeal cancer is a fast moving cancer therefore do not wait. There are many cancer treatment options available including recurrences and even if you do not find one there you can look at the alternative treatments, so always have hope that there is an option for him.
    God bless you and your husband
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    There is a product out there
    There is a product out there called Lifeone just type it in and read about it if interested I have a number you can call for the Doc that is involved with it anything at this point is worth a try God Bless
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    In the broader scope of head and neck, I live in the midwest. Don't know where you are, but if you can- Iowa City, AKA the University of Iowa, is said to be #2 on the list of cutting-edge places for oral cancer. From my own personal experience, Rush University might warrant a phone call from you. They are in Chicago, just off the Ike, and have been cutting-edge with the larynx for decades- which includes cancer. It is my experience that what is most critical with the larynx, and all matters of it, is the Dr./medical team, rather than the establishment. I lived with a tracheaostomy from 11/68-12/70, thanks to a car accident, and a Doctor in far away Chicago at Rush-Presbyterian-St.Luke's was the one who did what only a few in the entire world could do, back then. And, now that I've gone thru a bout with Nasopharyngeal cancer, I have searched the net for info on head and neck. The University of Iowa hospital has cut their workforce, thanks to the financial times and current Governor, but it has a great reputation for head and neck. Wherever you are- find the best possible Dr. and place, and at least pay said a visit.