New Mammo Ruling

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I can't believe the new ruling regarding mammo's. This is not acceptable. For years we fought for early detection, now they've decided we don't need it. Ladies, it's time to stand up and be heard. I don't know who we need to contact about this new ruling but we need to stand together with all the othe breast cancer organizations and get this overturned. Nevermind the so called "worry" it causes. What about the worry it's going to cause when calcificaitons have been allowed to multiply into a very dangerous pattern because no one knew they were there? They talk abou the "false"readings. Did they mention the lives it's saved? What's next, restrictions on biopsies, sonograms, mri's to detect breast cancer? This is a disease we can't cure right now. But we CAN find it early and giver our sisters a fighting chance. Please let's get together on this...It's very important! PS I am a bi-lateral breast cancer survivor, diagnosed at 38 yrs of age and alive this long due to the monitoring tests available to us now.