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Ive posted a little on how sick Ihave been was in the hospital and in pain. i pay my credit cards on line and ended up too sick to pay on time. Got a notice that becuase i paid late a couple days two months in a row, that my interest rate went from 7 percent to 29.9 percent. I called and told them I was IN ThE hospital . and the events leading up to the hospitalization were not too good. I paid them 4 times what I owed. I had the option of cancelling the card at he same low interest. I did. I told them I refused to be punished for being ill.


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    Give em hell!
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    The credit card companies
    The credit card companies are taking advantage of everyone. First they change the law so they aren't included in bankrupcies and now they are raising rates. We've never been late but had a balance the past year and they informed us that our 10% would be going to 17% or we had to close the account. We closed it because we've never paid that kind of interest and won't start now. I'm mad too.
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    missed payments
    that is really too bad. Most of these companies do work with a heart. I was late on a couple of payments while I was going through my original bc surgery, and I called them when I got the bill to let them know I have NEVER been late in my life, she looked up my account and waived everything. Obviously there will be the uncaring in some places you frequent, but there are good people out there too. Hopefully this won't make you believe they are all like that out there
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    This is really too bad.
    This is really too bad. From what I understand, now that they will have regulations regarding late charges, the "new" tactic will be to start charging annual dues. When will it ever end???