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Hello and how is everyone? I will be starting chemo on monday Nov23,09 I was told that i will be there for 3hrs and to bring a bag of things to do for that time period.My question is what to bring. I dont know if i can sit that long with out loseing my mind.Wondering what i should take with me?


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    Hi shortscake,
    Well, you can bring books, magazines, an ipod or CD player, a laptop or portable DVD player, knitting or other crafts projects. I listened to a chemotherapy guided imagery CD and sometimes worked on my laptop. Maybe you can pick special movies to watch. You might just sleep through much of it, too. The pre-meds can make you pretty drowsy. Good luck and let us know how the first one goes.

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    My treatments were 3 hours also. I took puzzle books, magazines, books to read. Then I didn't even use them! Some people bring lap tops to watch movies. Some just nap. Whatever you enjoy! Will someone be going with you? That helps to pass the time, too. Best of luck to you!
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    I slept through mine due to
    I slept through mine due to the anti-nausea drugs they gave me!
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    Hi Shortscake
    Chemo is a wonderful thing in a twisted way. It's like a double-edged sword. For me it has shrunk my tumors to nothing and they were egg size, after 2 treatments. But it also took my thick long hair and I'm starting to get leg weakness. Do you know what they're giving you? I had #3 today and doing well. I'm on taxatere and cytoxan and will have a lumpectomy after 6 rounds. It takes 5 hrs for my treatment. I usually read and doze off and it goes pretty quick. I hope you do well, Sorry it's during Thanksgiving time. Don't overdo, get your rest.