Begin radiation + zeloda today for spine met and chest wall mets

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Just to update anyone who may have to follow in my footsteps (I hope not), I begin radiation treatment today for mets. I will have 5 once daily SBRT treatments to my L1 vertebrae met. My radiation oncologist thinks that he can "get all of it". I hope that translates into kill it so that it never returns.

During the same treatment hour, he is going to use conformal radiation to zap the subcutaneous tumor that formed at my VATS incision line on my upper back after surgery. (Yes, this was a rare complication of VATS). The tumor on my upper back has been causing me a lot of pain (my onc said that it must be pressing on my intercostal nerves) and I have been unable to sleep. I talked to my surgeon about having it surgically removed and he said, "radiation should take care of it". When I talked to my radiation oncologist he said that there was a 15% chance of recurrence after radiation to the subcutaneous tumor. So I'm going ahead with the radiation.

I'm not happy about having to take Zeloda. I did not have a good experience with it before. Anyone with any good suggestions about what supplements to take to make radiation more effective?

I'll keep you posted,
Together in hope,


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    hang in there
    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for updating us. I'm glad you're getting the radiation for the vertebrae met and the VATS incision line. I'll pray that it will be effective to kill both off!
    So far as the Xeloda, I don't know what to tell you on the Xeloda or supplements to help the radiation work better- I wish I knew of something. Each time I had radiation, I would visualize my tumor being blasted away and would pray for "maximum effectiveness with minimum side effects". I had a complete response with my rectal tumor & I pray you will too.

    Take care and best wishes-
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    I was told to stop all supplements,vitamins and other things (such as DHEA and creatine) when I began Xeloda(with oxy infusion) and radiation. Only thing I was allowed to take was a multivitamin.......Steve