Exposed bone

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I had bottom of mouth cancer. I am keeping a potentially long tail short by not going into details about how I have complained about post opterative symptoms for several months.

I was prompted to see my surgeon over moderate pain during and after radiation treatments. It turns out that I have some kind of ulcer, maybe radiation ulcer. I have been seeing dentists and my doctors and now after seeing the hospital dentist he has explained I have exposed bone under one of my teeth. The exposure is where the gum should be surrounding the tooth.

I am thinking that a resident may have taken part of my gum as a biopsy when they first saw the ulcer.

I did not opt to remove my teeth during original surgery because they were tested and found to be OK for the original surgery.

The dentist said that this may be from slow healing or no healing.

I am trying to learn if there is anything I can do to promote healing an area that was blasted by radiation. I would enjoy knowing anything if it helps or if it is the truth about this situation.

The ulcer occurred under a skin graft that failed. After more scans there is no visible recurrance of cancer.

Already I have heard one opinion of hyperbaric therapy potentially helping cancer development and another saying it reduced that prospect. Is there anything that little ol' me can do to help increase healing potential.

Thank you.