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Hello,My name Is Harley Peters I am a nineteen year old girl young and healthy.I was diagnosed with skin melanoma on Sept.30th 2009.The discovery started while my teacher(I am learning Cosmetology)was combing my hair and clipped a mole on my scalp.It bled and so I immediately went to Urgent Care which then sent me to a dermatologist.I had it biopsied and a few days later I got pulled out of school with the news.I had melanoma.The third most common skin cancer and the most deadly.There is no cure but only trials.

I have had two recent surgeries.One on my scalp an incision from the temple of my scalp to the back of my neck.I had a brain tumor removed and lymph node biopsy.4 out of the 11 lymph nodes had cancer in them so my Dr.suggested another surgery.So I had an incision from the top of my ear,down my neck(again) in to my shoulder and up my under my chin.All 48 lymph nodes came back negative.Happy news to my family,friends and myself.

Now in a few days I will be starting a one month of interferon and I am nervous.I have no idea what to expect.Lately though I have been feeling kind of sad.I used to have depression when I was younger so I know the symptoms.Loss of interest,loss of appetite,no motivation,ect ect. So I was wondering what I could do during my treatment to keep my spirits high.Any suggestions?

P.S.I really like the idea of having a "Glad" book.
P.S.S. singing makes me happy,music makes me happy
Also I believe in GOD.


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    Finding ways to be happy

    My melanoma was on my head so I have a small appreciation for your experience. The "glad" book is a big help to me. I love hymns and other music and my daughter put a lot of music on an iPod shuffle for me. I often listen to it when I am trying to rest at night. Music is a great source of comfort. Like you I also have a great faith in God and I love to read the scriptures every day. They offer me a great source of comfort and strength. My family has also been a great source of strength. I have had to learn to let them help me; I was always the helper. I have also been learning to be grateful for all of the small things in life. Finding things to be grateful for is a big help and comfort. My oncologist also prescribed an anti-depressant about a week before I started the Interferon. My kids tell my wife that I seem a little more mellow. I never realized that I wasn't!
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    check out antidepressants
    Hi Harley....I can understand you feeling sad, rightfully so. Your dealing with an abnormal situation in a normal way.This is my second battle with aggressive cancer (the first time was 17 years ago and it was breast) I'm now fighting melanoma. I have been surrounded by wonderful supportive people. I have also been bombarded by those who tell me to "keep a positive attitude" when I needed to be scare and to cry. Its OK to grieve and to cry at times if thats what you need to do. I'm on interferon too. I've been told by the medical staff that some folks may need an anti-depressant because the interferon can effect neurotransmitters in the brain while being taken. Some go on the antidepressant before they start the interferon. I'm not, but I'll consider it if I start to develop symptoms. You may want to talk with your doctor about you present feelings. That way they have a base line of where you are now and can track your mental status as you go through the regime. Just remember that its a biological reason and that "sucking it up" may not be enough. Have a blessed day! Kamin