Setback #2 - need help

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4 weeks post op.

For the 2nd time in a week, my catheter is back in.

Today, I went to the bathroom, passed a few drops of cranberry red blood and then flow stopped completely. I drank some water hoping to move things through and that just caused great pain as I had to go but couldn't. Went to my urologist and he cathetered me, which worked of course.

I don't know why this is happening, and neither does my Dr., which is disconcerting. The only thing I can figure is that I went to work today and sat on a variety of chairs, some of which were hard. Dr didn't think this was the problem, but I think there is some connection to sitting in a chair other than my recliner (which has been my faithful companion for 4 weeks now). I was a little but uncomfortable during the day.

I just can't imagine what's going on.

On the good side, my control is excellent - I've been dry since the original catheter removal.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jim