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My husband, Brian, has permanent stitches on the inside. He has had two infections in the incision because of a knot (same thing doc said to you) working its way to the surface. They opened and drained twice, and the second time the doc snipped the knot and said he should be good to go. The infection cleared, but he can still feel the stitch internally pinching him, and now we can see it under the surface again. It is right at his waistband, so the only time it doesn't hurt is when there is nothing pressing against it. We tried a padded bandage, loose pants, etc. - only time it doesn't hurt is when he is naked - LOL - because it is pinching from the inside.

Everyone - onc, surgeon, etc. - agrees something needs to be done about it, but want to wait so there is no disruption in chemo schedule. We have no info about what they are going to do, but I will keep you posted when we hear something. I hope you are not in too much discomfort; I know Brian is uncomfortable and anxious to get it taken care of.

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    Thanks so much for your concern. Mine feels like a piece of pointed metal I thought it was a metal stitch at first that's how hard it feels but he told me no it's a knot. It is beside my belly button and so far the only time it hurts is when something is pressing on it - but it comes and goes. I' need to give it time I don't want anymore procedures I had enough with all this. I am going into my 6th treatment and with Avastin they suggest I don't get any type of procedures until after my treatments are complete bcause of bleeding. So hopefully I can tolerate this thing until then. Best of luck to Brian and I will be sure to keep him in my prayers. Thanks again. Hugs.