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So, 2 days shy of a month after my lumpectomy I finally met with my medical oncologist. Since my tumor was small (1.3 cm) and no lymph node involvement, I knew, mostly from information and links I got from coming to this board, that I would be a good candidate for the Oncotype DX. My surgeon had also mentioned it, but said he would wait for the MO to order it (more waiting), so now it is finally being ordered and the next appointment I could get for my MO is December 4th where I will get my score. Since they want to do chemo (if I do need it) before radiation, I'm STILL in a holding pattern with holidays approaching fast.

At least I'll be able to get through Thanksgiving without worrying about chemo or rads, but I'm now worrying about how I'm going to be feeling come Christmastime. When I first got my diagnosis on September 2nd I was foolishly thinking I would be able to get my treatment over with by the end of the year and be able to start fresh in 2010.

As I write this, my problems seem petty compared to what some of you that are going through active treatment are experiencing, but as I'm sure you all understand I just want to get this over with!!!

Thanks for listening,

End rant.


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    takes 10 an average of days for them to get the results of the oncotype results back. The lab will call you when they recieve the specimen and are ready to test. I would be calling that Dr office 1 week after the lab called and make it clear you want to know your score asap!!! I got a little sideways with my dr office and told them I didn't want to come in for results!! I am the patient and I want my results NOW!! LOL.. uhh she gave them to me!!
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    Isn't it amazing how slow things go!!! When I noticed the change in the shape of my breast and 'knew' that it was cancer, I put off going to the doctor for a few weeks so I could get my job in order because I just knew that they would whisp me off to surgery. WRONG! It took 6 weeks before I made it to surgery and then another month of seeing doctors before I started chemo. My first chemo was on December 20, 2007. Not a very merry Christmas at my house. They just don't seem to be in the rush that we feel they should be. One doctor made me wait for 2 weeks to get in with him only to tell me that he would be out of the country for the entire month of November so he wouldn't be able to do my surgery. I was furious since I informed them why I was scheduling the appointment in the first place. I guess they just don't get it!! Try not to worry about it too much and just take it as it comes.

    God bless!
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    The Waiting is the Hardest Part!!!
    Tom Petty sure had it right singing those words! I cannot tell you to be patient, that doesn't help at all, I know! But, for the record, waaaay back in 2003 I was dx the 10th of March, had surgery the end of March, waited 6 weeks to heal and then had chemo, and 4 weeks following that I had rads. So From March 29 (surgery) until December 11 ( finished rads) I was officially in treatment. 5 years of Arimidex followed that, but that was over in Feb 2009~ almost a year ago already! No matter how patient or impatient we are, time marches on and we do end treatment! A wise person once told me not to worry about the things I cannot change, but to take charge of the things which are in my control! It helped me sooo much! Our bodies have been assaulted and though the waiting is never fun; I convinced myself that it gave my body time to rest and get ready for whatever was next on the Get Chen♥ Healthy agenda! You can and will do the same!

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    I hate to wait also--no
    I hate to wait also--no patience! Good luck and I hope you get some great news Dec 4th!
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    Petty (Tom), but not petty (Cindy)

    Cindy, you don't sound petty at all -- I can honestly tell you that all the waiting was more difficult and frustrating than going through treatment.

    Even when I was miserably coping with 532 different side effects after each chemo (ok, so I exaggerate SLIGHTLY :-), at least I knew I was moving forward, toward the finish line, instead of standing still, waiting, doing nothing.

    So absolutely, I understand. Don't apologize.